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Take Control Of Your Offseason!

The Boyz of Summer Are Back!

The offseason has always been an exciting time for NBA teams and their fans. Take control of the NBA and your offseason with PASPN Mock GM® Fantasy Basketball.

What is Mock GM®?

Mock GM® is fantasy basketball with a twist-- Unlike traditional fantasy basketball where fantasy participants form leagues and build their teams through drafting, Mock GM® participants are tasked with taking over an existing NBA teams roster/payroll and building those teams under the same collective bargaining agreement (CBA) as their NBA GM counterparts.

In other words, Replacement GMs needed! If you've ever wanted to call the shots for your favorite NBA team now is the perfect time to do so under the same real-life conditions we expected from each team this summer.

Team Options, Player Options, Qualifying Offers...

From buyouts, to free agency to sending players overseas, Mock GM® provides multiple ways to facilitate players movement. That, along with stuffing 30 active GMs together in one league, creates an addictive excitement matched by no other fantasy basketball game.

Go Beyond the trade machine...

Log on to any NBA blog, website, message board, or chat room during the typical offseason, and there will inevitably be someone talking about the "moves" they would make to fix their favorite team. If only they knew how challenging it is to make moves with 29 other GMs trying to make the same moves... the mind games, the blind sides, the general negotiation tactics involved in all player trades and contract negotiaitons. Mock GM® is about the game within the game: it' the games GMs play when trying to assemble the team they want.

More than just stats...

The name of the game is to acquire the right players at the right price. We talk about bad contracts in the NBA, but what would you do if an NBA player you felt could make your team better was within reach? Would you over pay or let the competition lock him up to a 5-years deal?

I don't want to end up with the Kings or Timberwolves because they suck in real-life. And the Mavs because of their ridiculous payroll...

In Mock GM®, it's not about how or where you start -- it's about where you end up at the end of the offseason. Every team must retool for the up-and-coming regular season. No one sticks with the team they inherit because all teams have moving pieces, players they want to retain or upgrade. It's up to you to be creative and use Mock GM® to help build your team while managing the salary cap.

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