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GM: No GM -$68.59M over Cap
Last Login: Thu, May 15 2008 Payroll: $179.40M
Record: 22-22 (0.500)Budget: $46.14M
Exceptions: MLE: N MLE (60%): N MLE (40%): N LLE: N
Salary Cap Pct'sEarning Projections
C D. Green-YBC$22.25M20.08%12.40% 
PF K. Bazemore-FA$2.32M2.09%1.29% 
SF A. Wiggins-YBC$29.54M26.66%16.47% 
SG K. Thompson-YBC$35.36M31.91%19.71% 
PG S. Curry-YBC$43.01M38.81%23.97% 
6th S. Livingston-YBC$.67M0.60%0.37% 
C J. Wiseman-YBC$8.73M7.88%4.87% 
F|C K. Looney-PO$4.82M4.35%2.69% 
G J. Poole-YBC$2.06M1.86%1.15% 
G D. Lee-YBC$1.76M1.59%0.98% 
F A. Smailagic-YBC$1.52M1.37%0.85% 
F E. Paschall-YBC$1.52M1.37%0.85% 
G|F J. Toscano-Anderson-YBC$1.52M1.37%0.85% 
G M. Mulder-YBC$1.52M1.37%0.85% 
G G. Payton II-FA$1.09M0.98%0.61% 
F|C J. Bell-FA$1.62M1.46%0.90% 
C|F|G F. 1st Rnd Pick GSW-FPCK$.00M0.00%0.00% 
C|F|G F. 2nd Rnd Pick GSW-FPCK$.00M0.00%0.00% 
F K. Oubre Jr.-FA$14.38M12.97%8.01% 
F|C M. Chriss-FA$1.82M1.65%1.02% 
F A. Varejao-FA$1.91M1.73%1.07% 
C|F|G CAP-CAP$1.98M1.79%1.11% 
C|F|G P. No. 7-PCK$.00M0.00%0.00% 
C|F|G P. No. 14-PCK$.00M0.00%0.00% 
G N. Mannion-TR$.00M0.00%0.00% 
G J. Jessup-TR$.00M0.00%0.00% 
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