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GM: No GM -$20.53M over Cap
Last Login: Thu, May 15 2008 Payroll: $131.34M
Record: 22-22 (0.500)Budget: $64.27M
Exceptions: MLE: N MLE (60%): N MLE (40%): N LLE: N
C A. Horford 2Y, $53.50M$27.00M YBC$26.50M YBC
PF J. Parker 0Y, $.00M$.00M FA 
SF E. Fournier 0Y, $.00M$.00M FA 
SG M. Smart 1Y, $14.34M$14.34M YBC 
6th J. Tatum 5Y, $163.00M$28.10M YBC$30.35M YBC
Flx 1 R. Langford 2Y, $9.44M$3.80M YBC$5.63M TO
Flx 2 J. Brown 3Y, $80.01M$24.83M YBC$26.67M YBC
G|F J. Richardson 1Y, $11.60M$11.60M PO 
G|F K. Dunn 1Y, $5.01M$5.01M PO 
F|C R. Williams III 1Y, $3.66M$3.66M YBC 
G|F A. Nesmith 4Y, $22.34M$3.63M YBC$3.80M TO
F G. Williams 2Y, $6.92M$2.62M YBC$4.31M TO
G P. Pritchard 4Y, $14.59M$2.14M YBC$2.24M TO
G C. Edwards 2Y, $3.71M$1.78M YBC$1.93M TO
C B. Fernando 1Y, $1.78M$1.78M YBC 
F G. Yabusele 1Y, $1.04M$1.04M YBC 
C|F|G CAP 0Y, $.00M$.00M CAP 
C|F|G F. 1st Rnd Pick BOS 0Y, $.00M$.00M FPCK 
C|F|G F. 2nd Rnd Pick BOS 0Y, $.00M$.00M FPCK 
G T. Waters 0Y, $.00M$.00M TR 
C T. Fall 0Y, $.00M$.00M YBC 
F|C L. Kornet 0Y, $.00M$.00M FA 
G Y. Madar 0Y, $.00M$.00M TR 
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