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GM: No GM $16.94M under Cap
Last Login: Thu, May 15 2008 Payroll: $93.87M
Record: 22-22 (0.500)Budget: $40.92M
Exceptions: MLE: N MLE (60%): N MLE (40%): N LLE: N
PlayerGame ET20-21FBPPG
SF J. Grant-YBC $20.00M 
SG J. Jackson-YBC $5.01M 
Flx 2 C. Joseph-YBC $12.60M 
Flx 2 T. Lyles-FA $.00M 
C|F|G CAP-CAP $29.76M 
G K. Hayes-YBC $5.57M 
G|F R. McGruder-YBC $5.37M 
F D. Musa-TO $3.62M 
F|C I. Stewart-YBC $3.28M 
C|F|G CAP-CAP $2.87M 
F S. Bey-YBC $2.82M 
G|F D. Sirvydis-YBC $1.52M 
C|F|G CAP-CAP $1.46M 
C|F|G CAP-CAP $.00M 
C|F|G CAP-CAP $.00M 
C|F|G F. 1st Rnd Pick DET-FPCK $.00M 
C|F|G F. 2nd Rnd Pick DET-FPCK $.00M 
F|C K. Olynyk-FA $.00M 
G H. Diallo-FA $.00M 
G F. Jackson-FA $.00M 
G S. Lee-TR $.00M 
G C. Stanley-TR $.00M 
G C. Smith-YBC $.00M 
F J. Pickett-YBC $.00M 
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